07 October 2011


Little Honda P50, Holland, 1970
As 13, 14 year old kids we used to go to the nearby cardump where they also sold scrap bikes and mopeds. These bikes were picked up by the police a few towns away. It was a scenery of a movie; high fences, grumpy men and barking dogs. We were looking for spare parts for our self-made-offroad-mopeds. Only buying a few bolts and nuts, we hardly could walk passing the gate by all the stuff hidden in our pockets and trousers. I remember hiding cables, going from my jacket sleeves, along my spine, my trousers and straight into my boots. Or throwing a complete engine over the fence, picking it up after dark. Kids huh....
Once we were stunned at the scene by finding a moped with the engine inside its rear wheel! Never seen before!! Curious as we were, we took it apart but left it there. Years later I found out it must have been a four-stroke P50.... funny machine.

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