10 August 2010


Ik, Jan Cremer, Holland, 1964
Jan Cremer is a dutch writer/painter who published his first book Ik, Jan Cremer, in 1964 at the age of 24. It was a novel about his youth, and the vulgarly, humoristic language and the explicit  description of sexual experience ensured the necessary upheaval in Holland. He was an excellent manipulator of the press and 'abused' and manipulated the media to make sure his book got famous and became a bestseller. He dedicated his book to Jayne Mansfield who he had a brief affair with after he went to the States. In Holland Cremer used to ride a silver painted Harley, which was used for the bookcover of Ik, Jan Cremer.
Cremer on his Harley on the original set for the cover picture, made by Wim van der Linden in 1963.

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