10 April 2010

MY '1981' YAMAHA XT500...

My Yamaha XT500, Holland
I own this '81 XT since 1986, my first 'big' machine. In 1988 it was stolen, parked at my doorstep. I thought I would never see it again but after a few months I was asked to pick it up at the policestation. My bike was used for a bankrobbery here in Amsterdam and was held for a few months as evidence. Luckely it was not very badly damaged; both locks I used were gone, steering-lock was forced, some scratches and a few things bent. After all these years it is still running great and as it is my first real motorbike... I think I' ll keep it forever.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

woah! that's a crazy story. glad you got the bike bike!

motorcycho said...

I bought a 77 street legal TT500 last year... one of my favourite bikes of all time! Me and a friend did a little off/on road adventure last summer. WOW... what great bikes!